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Transformateur de courant testé KEMA de 33kV

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Informations de base

Modèle:  LVB-35

Description du produit

Modèle NO .: LVB-35 Type: Transformateur de courant Etat de fonctionnement: extérieur Forme de bobinage: Type de couche simple et hermétiquement Type: Type de contre-attaque Principe de transformation de tension: Type d'électromagnétique Origine: Chine Application: Instrument Phase: Usage unique: Mesure Isolant Moyen: isolant Structure du circuit magnétique de l'huile: Type de scène unique Marque déposée: TIANAN Code SH: 8504311000
1. Measurement precision can be up to 0.1 and 0.2S grades.
2. Primary coil has a through -type conducting rod structure with good dynamic and thermal stabilityy; its maximum thermal current can be up to 63kA/3s.
3. Secondary coil is fixed in an aluminum shielded-case by casting organic materials; secondary measurement and protection circuits can be safer and reliable.
4. Partical discharage test is carried out under power frequency test voltage. The result is better than the requirement of IEC.
5. Use the automatic vacuum drying treatment system produced by LEYBOLD in Germany. The dielectric dissipation factor of complete product tanδ is less than 0.4%.
6. External insulation uses a high-strength porcelain.
7. Secondary terminal box is a complete structure by casting the aluminum alloy; its sealing structure meets the requirement of IP55, which is dust proof, water proof and air permeable.
8. The materials of all components are cast alunimum or stainless steel, including the base, connection box, stainless steel expander and nameplate etc do not rust forever.
9. This product is free-maintenance.
Technical parameters
Type LVB-35W2
Highest voltage for equipment kV 40.5
Rated frequency Hz 50/60
Rated power-frequency withstand voltage (r.m.s) kV 95
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage (full wave) peak kV 200
Rated lighting impulse withstand voltage (chopped wave) peak kV 230
Flashover distance mm 500
Creepage distance mm 1256
Rated primary current (maximum) A 4000 (8000)
Rated secondary current A 1;5
Accuracy classes (they can be combined if necessary) 0.1; 0.2; 0.5; 0.2S; 0.5S;5P; 10P; TPY; TPS
Rated output VA 10-50
Safety factor FS 5; 10
Accuracy limit factor ALF 10;15; 20; 30
Short-time thermal current (Maximum) kA 50kA/ 3s (in series)
Dynamic current (maximum) kA 125
Allowable mechanical load of transformer (static) N 3000
Allowable mechanical load of transformer (Dynamic) N 5000
Outline and installation dimensions Fig. 1
Net weight kg 170

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